Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rating Myself With California Standards K-12

I downloaded the California Standards used for kindergarten through twelfth grade and downloaded it on my scribd page. My page can be found using my username which is vhigherlearning. Currently I am a freshman in college and noticed that I am not solid in many areas. For example, in my critical thinking class I do not score an A for punctuation. This blog has many mistakes as it is. Using these standards I will go through the internet to find worksheets to improve my writing using the California Standards. I have forgotten what a predicate and an appositive is. All I need is to practice so I will not make any more mistakes. The California Standards can be found online with pdf and word versions. There is science,social studies,visual and performing arts,health and physical education standards as well. You call also find all of them in my scribd page. Now that I am in college I need to take ownership of what I need to improve on. It is convenient to find what I need online nowadays. It would be ackward to ask a teacher or the school district office for these standards in a book when it could be read online. Any comments on today's education is welcomed. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Course Compass Petition

Go to my Course Competition Document to collaborate. You can link to your sites so that the petition is credible.

The Course Compass wants specific answers that should be controlled by the instructor. I want the format of the answers to be controlled by the instructor. Any student who agrees  can contribute to this page. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First Business Calculus Exam

Today as I got my test for Business Calculus I was confused because the my format of my answers was why I got points deducted from my test. I use the same format as the teacher does when it is written on notes. It is better to be safe than sorry. Sometimes the teacher wants no format applied but I think I am better off being mathematically correct. My test can be viewed at Business Calculus Exam. The format on the course online is also different. My answers could be viewed in my Business Calculus First Exam. I mean 68 for a test where mostly all questions were answered right is not fair if I answered the problems correctly. In a later post it will be posting screens of the answers online to compare the answers by the teacher and the course online where we do our homework an quizzes. It is not fair to find out what format is needed on a test and get points deducted.