Friday, February 27, 2009

Cornell Notes Saved My Life

 February 27, 2009

 Being in my second semester in college I have learned skills that I learned in my high school helped me out.  In my high school we were required to use cornell notes. I did not see a need of them to be honest because I did not learn by that style. But as soon as I entered college my whole view of it became different.

  I have a history class that begins at 7:00 . During this time I am really sleepy sometimes. I was not happy one day when I had my notes looking like they were not notes at all. Then I remembered  the note taking style in my highschool. Now it has helped me out to because my notes will be more comprehensible to me. Instead of writing tid bits that the instructor says I could focus on the point of the lectures since one column is designated for the main idea and the other for bullet points,examples etc. In the end of the notes you have a summary of what the notes is all about. It has been four weeks of me just taking notes without any organization and my first test will not be easy to study through. 

But, now that I am using this style of notes even though I get sleep my writing sticks to the main ideas. My second tests for my courses will be studied better. 

ccnotebook1 by russelldavies

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  1. I'm really glad to hear that those skills are paying off now that you are in college. Keep up the good work. I will look forward to seeing your journey here on the new blog.

    Ms. Wagner